Visiting Europe is not just a vacation trip, it is a must see destination for everyone. The rich culture, traditions and vast architectures are just the beginning of what to expect when reaching the old continent. As tour operators we proud ourselves to be experts at every location our guests plan to see. We don’t just offer an expert itinerary but provide you with the service and guidance needed to make Europe your home for the duration of your stay.
How is this possible you might ask? Simple. We have been where our guests are going and have traveled the roads, eaten at the restaurants, enjoyed the beautiful scenery and loved every minute of it. This is why EETS today is one of the top incoming operators in Europe. To be able to share what we love, is the most wonderful gift we can give any guest coming to Europe.

EETS is an expert in creating individual tours that fits the needs of the customer. Some of the possible leisure programs we offer are the following: Wine taste tour, castle tour, music tour, bicycle tour, golf tour, sports car tour, racing tour, skiing tour, hiking tour, river cruise tour, thermal spa tour, self drive tour, beer tour, Michelin cuisine tour, etc.

All our tours are crafted with care and professionalism to ensure the customer is satisfied; this includes sharing our expertise to ensure best travel timings, best restaurants and accommodations. Leisure travel should be fun and not traveling for the sake of taking pictures only. Experience Europe in the way it should be experienced, leaving you with fresh and happy memories. Contact EETS and ask for a tour consultation right away. We are happy to be at your service!