EETS has been charitably working and organizing the Chinese New Years Ball in Vienna. The revival of the tradition has sparked life into the Asian community in Vienna, yet also promoting the culture to local people who enjoy dancing and networking in what they like to call a “different world”.




In 2014 we returned to Parkhotel Schönbrunn. The festivites continued with a special performance by Hu Bao Lin and TaiChi Master Tan. With a special guest DJ DJ One and another performance by Generation M -Disco Inferno we rocked the night till the early morning.


In 2013 EETS did what noone has ever done before and organized the ball in the one and only Palais Liechtenstein. This private Palais usually only open to public during signed up visits offered a one in a lifetime location which brought the guests back to a different era. When the doors opened guests were fighting for seats and by the time music was playing the upstairs part of the Palais was fully packed with more than 400 guests. At midnight the surprise this year was a EAST meets WEST as the midnight show was  a special 25 minute show including the traditional Lion Dance and a transition into a Can Can Show.


In 2012 the Chinese New Years Ball was organized in the newly renovated Ballsaal of Parkhotel Schönbrunn. As the night went on the suspense for the midnight show was high and when all of a sudden drums were heard and the dancefloor was filled with Samba and Capoeiraistas.